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Life's a Sweet Melody...

Life's a Sweet Melody...
Old Thoughts in Fresh New Words

A Selection of
Original Ideas,Observations, Aphorisms & Humor
By Payman Akhlaghi

Previously Scattered on My FaceBook Page (2008-2010)
Awaiting Categorization & Extended Application
(All material: © 2010, Payman Akhlaghi.)

Life's a sweet little melody: Sing it well!

Don't be blinded by Centuries: Human life is measured in Seconds...
(June 24th, 2010)

A good memory is a gift, only if you can forget -- and forgive, when you can't.

What if life had an Undo far back would you go?

The 11th Commandment: "Thou Shall Back Up Your Data on an External Drive at All Times!"

I wish myself the truth, no matter how sweet or painful. I wish those I love peace, more than truth, but no lies. So I won't ever try saving you, if you find peace in self-deception!

Life Is Beautiful -- because of the first man who said, "Let there be music..." -- Or was it a woman?!

If there is any meaning to life, it must be The Fifth...

If you ask me, "Do you believe in God?" I'd ask first, "What do you mean by God?" If you ask, "In what do you believe?" I'd say, "Fortune cookies." If you still ponder, I'd kindly smile... Now, just imagine, who else could have said these words of wisdom?!

Think Not of Decades, Years, Months, or Weeks -- But of Hours, Minutes, Seconds...

Humanity might age in millennia, but humans age in days, if not minutes.
Life is beautiful...really!

Music is everything...

It's going to be another wonderful day, because I said so, and it seems to work!

Attention everyone! Seriously, I am always kidding...
If Israelites left Egypt today, their instrument of choice would be Harmonica: Fits in the pocket, lulls you into sleep, no strings to break, no need for batteries or electricity. Besides, what else could they get for a quarter of a dollar?!

Beauty is the best remedy against Evil.
I feel fortunate to have had friends who know music, play music, or most importantly, just plain love music. They have all enriched my life...

Of Times & Children: The other day, I protested to an 8-year old student, "Why the wrong notes?" She said, "Oh, this is the wacky month of Purim!"

I asked a friend, "What costume do you plan to wear for Chag Purim?" "Nothing, he said. To which I replied, "Great; then you'll be 'dressed' as Adam!"

Costume Ideas
Idea 1: Blindfolded, I'd play a tune -- the melody of love and justice! (They are both blind, duh?!)
Idea 2: I'd dress like Adam, and go to bed!
Idea 3: I'd look depressed, like a Zombie, but that's the way I already look?!
Idea 4: I'd just dress up like any other day -- it's weird enough:-)

To play piano well you need years of patient practice, dedication, and a love for the art. Knowing some Italian & German, even French, is a must. Isolation & poverty are bound to follow. Become a respected Piano Mover instead: It pays much better, keeps you fit, and teaches you Spanish...

If I were a rich man, I'd still wish to sing like Topol...

My mind is just like a synagogue. To keep it quiet, I have to eat something...

I am so fortunate to have a choir in my mind. The only problem is they only practice all the time...

It feels so good when I'm busy, especially when I'm not doing anything...

She asked, "Are you crazy?!" He pointed out, "You must have been an idiot not to have realized it all this time!" No worries: She laughed:-)

A world free of guns & bullets -- now that's a dream...
It takes cigarettes 30 years if to kill. It takes a bullet one second sure to kill.
One Bullet - One Second!
Say NO to Guns...

 [The above has long been considered by me as the theme of an art campaign toward peace.]

For those of you, who still debate the safety issues concerning the L-Word: I wish all of you a flock of infinitely Beautiful, Eternal, Water-Proof, especially Fire-Proof, Smart, Intelligent, Joyful, Happy, Hopeful, Bouncing, Cheerful, Care-free, Colorful, and Loving Butterflies, to lightly fly in your Stomachs -- forever! Now, please stop scaring each other off of candles and other incendiary devices!

On Heartbeats:
Normal Heartbeat: ._ ._ ._ ._ ._ ._ ._
My Heartbeat Today: ... - - - ...  ... - - - ... ... - - - ...
If Things Go on Like This: .. . .  .   ______________
And what would resuscitate me: ...__  ... __ V! V! Beethoven!

Avoid inflicting any kind of pain upon her fragile ectoderm, metaphorically speaking. It would lead to a collection of cardiac issues... Translation: "Don't hurt her feelings; You're gonna break her heart..."

Facebook asked -- again: What's on your mind? Honestly, it STILL feels empty...

By no means I am a religious man. But on the Eve of Shavuot, I wrote to my friends, "Religious or not, feel proud that all things considered, we were the first to write the first reasonable code of civil conduct, perhaps literally, in stone... Chag Sameach everyone!" And as the Holiday neared its end, I thought to myself, "If only those in power believed in and observed the last 5 of the 10 Commandments, the world would have been a better place for everyone -- especially in Iran."
(P.S.: To clear the record, no deceptions intended: I am not religious.)

Throughout LA, Traffic Tickets are making people upset! What about posting the following signs on our cars? 1) "Forgiveness makes for a better society: Please don't write that ticket..." 2) "All gentlemen would pay their tickets. True gentlemen, however, don't write a ticket!" Notice: Do this at your own risk! For the ...record, I am NOT going to do this!
[This was just for humor. I genuinely think most officers act gentlemanly. Thanks for protecting the society!]

If they were to leave Egypt today, the Israelites would each be carrying along a Kindle, and the Ten Commandments would be delivered to them via a 3G wireless connection. Thus, say Moses lost - or broke - the hard copy, people could always download a back-up from Amazon's servers. The bad news is that Mount Sinai would likely be outside the coverage area...

Some Words of Wisdom...
Yesterrday, the Ukranian Parliament proved that nothing's changed since the times of Julius Caesar: To stay alive in politics, you need to know how to Cry, Pinch, Punch, Kick, or Flee! Forget Smart -- The Earth belongs to the Fittest! Aspiring MP's might better learn a martial art, or practice bullying in thug fights. And NO! I would never consider this for myself! Payman Akhaghi

 Life is beautiful, because of your smile...

Saw "Up in the Air" in a theater. Liked it: Sure felt old. Got a haircut after 4 months. Liked it: Sure felt young. Conclusion: I am going to be alright...

What makes a director [such as James Cameron] work for so many years on a single project? Passion for his craft, for sure, but I think: A deep faith in life and its continuation...

Go wild! Do something creative today! Then let us know what you did:-)

Let's wish for the safety of all innocent men, women, children and adult, all over the world...

Happy Valentine's Day Eveybody! By the way, if you think Love is the key to Happiness, you may well be right: I couldn't have loved myself anymore, and I couldn't have been happier:-) Wishing you love and happiness...

Happy Chanuxmas to every body! One more thing: I think Jewish people should thank the world for throwing such a huge birthday party for a Jewish boy:-)

I bought food for six people, including me. But my friends had already made a delicious dinner. I ate with them, then I ate my own food. Next day -- I feel like seven people...

Hello...The most beautiful word in the world, if you are waiting for it, or especially, if you are not... Needless to say, depends on who says it, but let's be positive!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Let's be kind to animals, and instead of a full turkey, let's limit ourselves to turkey slices...

Guys and gals, all best for Yom Kippur. By definition, it's supposed to be masochistic. If I tell you do it, that would be sadistic. So I just wish you the best:-))

Happy Sukkot everyone! What would you do if it rains?!

To live longer, I always do things tomorrow. To improve life quality, I would opt for hibernation. If ignorance were a bliss, then sleep would be the ideal state of existence. The winning formula of "procrastination & hibernation" is the key to eternal happiness, because as such, one would be living in a perpetual state of oblivion. [Of course, this was meant as a nonsensical joke to a few intelligent friends!]

Tonight, I talked to my best friend from the first grade! He's my namesake, and he found me after 31 years, using Facebook. It felt like we took up the conversation where we had left, at my doorsteps, three decades ago. He hasn't changed a bit:-)

Sohrab Sepehri said, "Beauty means the loving interpretation of forms." English speakers say, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." Conclusion: If you don't like my haircut, just fix your mind!

Books and CD's hard to access in storage, I migrated to eBooks. Then, power went out, for 15 minutes, and I began to doubt the e-Craze. Conclusion: No man can survive without an ever-lasting battery, and no battery can survive without a never-ending generator. Either go wind-solar-wave energy, or reach for that book in the pocket!

Ceratotherium Simum? 1) A Greek Philosopher; 2) An Antiseptic; 3) A Cave in South of Indonesia; 4) A 3rd Century Roman Emperor? 5) Other.

Q: What do you call the favorite melody of a jewler
¡ǝuoʇƃuıɹ :ɹǝʍsuɐ

"I've been left with no sighs to make a Soda with a groan..." [Do you know the original Persian Proverb behind this "translation"?!]

Q: Who invented mouse?
¡¿pǝʇuǝʌuı,, ǝɹǝʍ slɐɯıuɐ uǝɥʍ ǝɔuıs :ɹǝʍsuɐ

Two original palindromes: 1) Tip: Lion is in oil pit! 2) I prefer pi!

As a friend said, "No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick."

Payman Akhlaghi thinks the world after the election is a whole new world... [November 7th, 2008]

My new name on Google: If you'd like to find me on Google, you could search for "Payman Beethoven". It brings up a few of my links. It's a side product of the new age...

HNY 2K10 2 E1! 1ST FB POST AT 01:30 LA! May you never have shame, sham or pain! But certainly, may you all enjoy that bottle of Champagne! 

Quoting a friend of mine, "Payman, You have such a deep mind. No wonder you always seem drowned in yourself!"

Das Leben ist Schön! La vita è bella! Life is Beautiful!
החיים יפים
زندگی زیبا است
الحیات جمیلة
(Copyright: All content © 2010, Payman Akhlaghi. All pertinent and applicable rights reserved. I meant it!)

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