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Maimonides' "The Guide for the Perplexed" Translated to Persian by Ms. Shirin-Dokht Daghighian

Maimonides: A Guide for the Perplexed
Translated to Persian byShirin-Dokht Daghighian
Commentaries in English and Persian by the Translator
Published by
Persian Maimonides Foundation, Los Angeles (2011)

راهنمای سرگشتگان، اثر بزرگ فلسفی هارامبام
برای نخستین بار به زبان فارسی
برگردان، معرفی، نقد و حواشی از شیرین دخت دقیقیان
به همت بنیاد ایرانی هارامبام، 2011، لس آنجلس

The Persian translation of Maimonides' (Rambam's) most famous philosophical book, "The Guide for the Perplexed", or as known in its original Arabic, دلالت الحائرین, has just been completed by the Iranian American Jewish scholar, Ms. Shirin-Dokht Daghighian.

برگردان فارسی مهم ترین کتاب فلسفی هارامبام، "راهنمای سرگشتگان" سرانجام توسط دانشمند برجسته، خانم شیرین دخت دقیقیان، به پایان رسیده است. این اثر در 4 مجلد و همراه با حواشی و مقدمۀ مترجم فرهیخته توسط بنیاد ایرانی هارامبام  در لس آنجلس به چاپ رسیده است و به زودی در معرض ابتیاع عموم قرار خواهد گرفت. دکتر میر حمید سالک نقدی خواندنی بر این اثر نوشته اند که در سایت ایران امروز به چاپ رسیده است. 

The translation, the first ever in the history of Persian literature, is published in 4 volumes by Persian Maimonides Foundation, along with highly anticipated original commentaries by the erudite translator, in both Persian and English. "The Guide..." is considered one of the greatest achievements of Jewish thought, and one of the most important philosophical works produced against the darkness of the Middle Ages. Those who are familiar with Ms. Daghighian's prolific career as an author, translator and commentator, need not be reminded of the historic importance of this event, for the Iranian Jewish community, as well as the Iranian literary and philosophical circles, at large.

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Ms. Daghighian's large circle of fans have long awaited her receiving worldwide recognition beyond the Persian community. Perhaps, this work, especially her commentaries on the philosophy of this great Jewish philosopher, who worked against the backdrop of the Middle Ages, would finally fulfill that dream. By all accounts, the translation is a ground-breaking work in the history of Persian thought and literature, and the work done has been much more than simple translation. Her commentary alone has been highly praised by those who've previewed the work, for its clarification of the content and context, besides its share of original thoughts. (See Iran Emrooz for an appreciative review in Persian by Dr. Mir-Hamid Salek.)

Iranians have long known Ms. Daghighian for her impressive career as a literary and philosophical figure, both in Iran and abroad. She's largely considered an authority on the works of Roland Bartes, for her translations of, and commentaries on, the works of this great French literary critic. Her portfolio, comprising of tens of books and hundreds of articles, translations and commentaries, spanning over 3 decades, includes her first major original work entitled "The Role of Prototypes in Artistic Creativity" (1992), as well as her later magnum opus, the now much cited "A Ladder to the Sky: َ Temple in Jewish History and Philosophy." The current translation is yet another addition to the prolific output of this outstanding scholar. On behalf of her fans and friends, we congratulate Ms. Daghighian on this great achievement, and we look forward to the widespread reception of this book, and to much further success in her future endeavors.

-- Payman Akhlaghi, 2011, Los Angeles.

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