Saturday, May 13, 2017

If I Were a Spider: A Poem by Payman Akhlaghi (English, Persian, 2017)

Light Forms, No. 7a1
Sunday, April 3rd, 2016, ca. 18:07
Santa Monica.
© 2016, Photo and Transformation by
Payman Akhlaghi.
All rights reserved.
If I Were a Spider...
A Poem by Payman Akhlaghi
(English and Persian, 2017, Draft 2)

(*) First published at on May the 13th, 2017, under If I Were a Spider.

If I were a spider,
I'd keep weaving
A large safety web,
All over the world,
And I'd chase you
As you swung
From the blue sky,
Hopped the treetops,
Glided the clouds,
Till you got tired
At the twilight,
And dropped at last
Safely, for the night,
Into a moonlit dream...

© 2017, Payman Akhlaghi. All rights reserved.
"اگر عنکبوت بودم..."
شعری از پیمان اخلاقی
(نسخۀ دوم)

اگر عنکبوت بودم
می رفتم و می بافتم
تار امنی به وسعت دنیا،
همه جا دوان پی تو،
که از آسمان آبی
تاب می خوردی،
بر نوک درختان می پریدی
یا بر فرش ابرها
می خرامیدی،
تا دم غروب
که خسته می شدی
و سرانجام، بی دغدغه
در سبد تار من می افتادی:
آرامِ شبی دیگر
در رؤیایی روشن از مهتاب...

© 2017، شعری از پیمان اخلاقی. همۀ حقوق محفوظ است. (بازنویسی دوم)

(*) Payman Akhlaghi is a composer, pianist and piano teacher based in Los Angeles. His repertoire covers Classical music, as well as Persian (Iranian) Music, Pop Music, and Film Music. For information on the lessons in the Greater Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Encino, Brentwood, etc. please call: 310-208-2927. Thank you.