Saturday, July 10, 2010

Film Review: Toy Story 3 (3D)

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"Toy Story 3: 3D" is a visual, narrative, vocal and musical marvel of a film -- a delightful work of art and entertainment. Preceded by a most creative short, "Day and Night", the Pixar team has proved once more that an unprecedented attention to detail doesn't have to cost the film its structural arc. In short, it's a masterpiece.

It's a tale of child-plays come to life, with the characters' diverse psychology and behavioral traits decided by each toy's individual morphology, and some aspects of its stereotype. The contrast between the human and toy perspectives, and the interaction of the two worlds, are maintained throughout with consistency. The music is a highly accomplished blend of score and songs, mostly composed, conducted, and even sometimes performed effortlessly, by Randy Newman.

The visual aspects of the film benefit from a sophisticated mis-en-scène and edit, as well as vivid colors, tangible textures, and meticulously rich movements and facial gestures. The anthropomorphic elements are so strong that we soon forget that these are just some lifeless toys pretending to be alive, with feelings! The voices of Tom Hanks et al add much humanity to these sweet personalities. Genuine dramatic emotions, and a strong sense of humor, alternately propel the story forward with ease. 3D possibilities are now used effectively and tastefully, strengthening the impact of the film.

The latest isntallment is also informed by the social and political climate of the past decade, with strong references to "torture", "brainwashing", and Latino cultural stereotypes, as its more salient indicators.

Not to be missed!

Payman Akhlaghi, July 2010, Los Angeles
Originally published on FB, July 2010

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